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Working? Unexpected Absence? Day Trips?

Regular or occasional to break the day and make them happy hounds! We take our job seriously and ensure t​hat your dog is fully exercised and enjoys our varied walks. We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all of your and your pet's requirements. They will be collected from your home and walked in a rural setting close to your house.


Hendricks the Ridgeback "helping" in the kitchen!

Email Laura on [email protected] or call her on (01476) 550522 or mobile (07534) 480560 to arrange a convenient time for us to visit your home and meet the crew!

At this meeting, we will complete a questionnaire to enable Waggy Tailz to meet the needs of you and your pet and give us the opportunity to be introduced to your family member.

We do require that your pets are all fully vaccinated (confirmation of annual booster and intranasal kennel cough vaccinations from a vet please).

We also require your pet to be spayed or neutered, given flea control treatment (as necessary) and that we are given full medical histories together with veterinary details.

Your pet's health is our primary concern

For collection and drop off services, we will require a household key, which will be unmarked and stored in a locked box.

We accept cheques,cash and bank transfer only

Waggy Tailz has Public Liability Insurance for £5m

We are able to provide full references and further testimonials upon request